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Basq Essendon Fields Restaurant

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Basq, a restaurant nestled in the heart of the North, is welcoming refuge from the brisk air or a cool escape when the temperature swelters. Delicious fragrances permeate the air, harmonising with the soft sounds of glasses and plates clinking.

Inspired by the Napa Valley’s rolling hills and verdant vineyards, basq is a place for savouring rich and varied flavors. Each dish is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to blend the freshest ingredients into a mouthwatering symphony of tastes.

The proprietors of the restaurant, Tijen and Chef Jaysen, united by a passion for creating food that delights the senses. As a head chef, Jaysen traveled the world, learning new techniques and exploring ingredients and cooking methods, allowing his food to tell stories and in some instances create theatre.

The menu is an ode to the region, to moments, to experiences, featuring dishes like roast lamb with fennel and garlic, and signature white chocolate mousse peach. Every course is paired with local and national wines, carefully selected to complement the flavors and elevate the dining experience. Cocktails are available for a bit more fun.

Guests from far and wide come to savor flavors and luxuriate in the cozy ambiance. Come sit with us, for minutes or for hours, for a coffee or a multi­course meal, savoring each morsel and each sip, and forget about time for a while.

For Jaysen and Tijen, Basq is a dream realised. A restaurant created to be more than a mere eatery; it’s a sanctuary for relishing the simple joys of life.

Jaysen - Chef at Basq Essendon Fields Restaurant

A few words about Jaysen, and how his passion turned into a flavorous business...

Chef’s Bio

Jaysen, the head chef and owner of Basq Essendon Fields restaurant, has a passion for exploring different styles of food and cultures from around the world. He started his culinary career in a 5-star hotel in Mauritius in 2000 and went on to gain valuable experience in various culinary settings, including working with Michelin-starred chefs. Jaysen’s talents were recognised during his five years on one of the biggest and most famous cruise ships, Celebrity Cruises, where he excelled in a French fine dining restaurant. After gaining more experience at one of Melbourne’s best steak restaurants, The Steak Ministry Bar & Grill, Jaysen decided to put his full knowledge and life experiences into opening his own restaurant, La Poele, and later Basq Essendon Fields. Jaysen’s culinary expertise and dedication to his craft have been acknowledged with two chef hats from the Australian Good Food Guide (AGFG) for his exceptional culinary creations. Jaysen continues to push the boundaries of traditional European flavours and French-style cooking by experimenting with new flavours and techniques. He takes pride in creating unique dishes and distinctive desserts that not only delight the senses but also satisfy the palate. Jaysen’s artistic menu reflects his passion for cooking and his devotion to the culinary arts. A dining experience at Basq Essendon Fields is truly one-of-a-kind.
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A few words about Fiona, and how her passion turned into a flavorous business...

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February 11, 1965

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February 11, 1965

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September 23, 2005

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September 23, 2005

December 24, 2017

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December 24, 2017



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"I can’t wait to go back again. It has been many years since I have dined in a place that serves excellent food with attention to detail on presentation. The best avocado on toast I have ever had. Served with bocconcini instead of Fetta. Magnificent. The atmosphere is lovely and staff very friendly and efficient. I will look forward to seeing future developments. Well done." Vegetarian options: I didn’t have any problem finding a vegetarian option.
Sharon Yates
"This new and unassuming restaurant in Essendon Fields exceeded all of our expectations. The dining room is spacious, comfortable and bright and we found the service to be consistent and attentive. A great menu with a variety of breakfast and lunch options. The Louisiana Fried Chicken Burger was fresh, tasty and very enjoyable. Great coffee. We’ll be back."
Hayden Jones
"Great coffee. Industry Beans. Great food. I had the Turkish eggs. Delicious. What a hidden gem and a beautiful venue. Highly recommend."
Laura Petruccelli